Understanding Human Development – Louise Harms

This semester, one of my units is Social Work Across the Lifespan, a particularly useful class that assesses the ways in which humans develop from birth to end of life. The course has thus far focused on a multidimensional framework for social work, with the apt assigned textbook: Understanding Human Development: A Multidimensional Approach, by Louise Harms.1 Harms is… Continue reading Understanding Human Development – Louise Harms

The –isms of Life

-isms are a fundamental topic for critical scrutiny in sociology. And as a core professional goal, social workers combat discriminatory practices that stem from and exemplify -isms. The Social Justice Center at Washington University has crafted a list of -isms that pervade our contemporary world. They list classism, heterosexism, ethnocentrism, religious oppression, ableism, racism, sexism/genderism, and ageism… Continue reading The –isms of Life

Gerard Egan: The Skilled Helper

I recently spoke with a non-social worker colleague who said that she has always been interested in the idea of social work as a career, but that she feels like she isn’t one of ‘those people’ who knows how to help others. I thought about the message underlying her comment: that some people are inherently… Continue reading Gerard Egan: The Skilled Helper