about mara

With an undergrad in sociology and a propensity for research and writing, Mara started the sociological social worker to create a space for sharing ideas with other sociologically-minded humans and social workers, more generally. She engages in critical thinking on a daily basis, whether it be naming heteronormativity when straight people exercise taken-for-granted privileges denied to LGBTQ folk, or noticing covert racism when ballet tights are labeled “flesh toned,” yet are always pink. Aside from her love of academia, she enjoys long blacks with a dash of cold milk, building her ukulele skills, and making her own clothing.


One thought on “about mara

  1. Your thoughts, ideas and insights are so wonderful to read….both thought-provoking in considering the world we live in and in gently encouraging self reflection and action. I’d be interested to know more about the theories you study and how you see them play out in real life, either in personal or professional experience. Love your blog. I’ll keep looking for posts! X


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